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Episode 53 – 4.1.2011

City Year

  • Journey of Action highlights City Year in this video, a non-profit that brings people of all different backgrounds together for a year of full-time service.
  • This year gives those skills and practice with real students of high-needs schools, preparing them for graduation.
  • This video highlights some members of the San Antonio chapter, as they help to transform the schools where they are working.

Facebook Friending 101 for Schools

  • Blog by educator Vicki Davison how to set your Facebook profile with permissions to friend different people
  • Ms. Davis’s blog is the first in a series she will continue on Social Media for Schools

History iPad Apps

  • Manual for the United States of America
  • Oregon Trail
  • Civilization Revolution
  • On This Day

Skype’s Dedicated Network for Educators

  • The beta version of Skype in the Classroom was launched last December and now offers a “projects” for educators
  • As of today, there are 7,612 teachers register and 207 projects created on the Skype for Educators Network

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