Social Media in Education – Uniting Children and Staff

Here’s a way to really show school spirit. Become a “fan” of your school on Facebook!

We all know the traditional ways to get school news. Read the newsletters, listen for daily announcements and even visit the school’s website. With the popular use of social media, it seems that everyone and every organization today has a Facebook page. Schools are no exception. As we steer away from those traditional ways of getting news, schools are finding their way to the Facebook, keeping staff and students constantly updated with the latest at their school.

A perfect example of a school using Facebook is New Milford High School in New Milford, NJ. You can check out their Facebook page by clicking here. The school not only has this page, but has links to their Twitter account, athletic events calendar, the principal’s page, staff pages and even an alumni page.

new milford facebook

Creating a Facebook page is must for schools today. Since most students and parents these days are on Facebook for a large portion of the day, it is easy for them to be informed. With contact information and the ability to post upcoming events and announcements, students and families will always be informed.

The school can announce exciting news or updates that are happening at the school. For example, the New Milford Boys’ Tennis Team has earned the title of 2010 Bergen County Champions. Exciting news like this will get the school connected, as students and staff can comment and congratulate each other on the wall.

Not only will a Facebook account allow members of your school to be constantly updated with the latest in what is going on, but it brings a sense of school spirit and community.

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