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Episode 38 – Fri., Dec. 10, 2010

Ed & Tech – Using Skype in Education

  • Our guest blogger, Laura Ketcham found the following sites that with tips on using Skype in the classroom:
    1. Teaching Degree: 50 Awesome Ways to Incorporate Skype in the Classroom
    2. Teach Hub: Using Skype in the Classroom
    3. YouTube video showing teachers how to use Skype in the classroom
    4. Google Books: Skype for Dummies

Watch and Learn – Social Media Addiction

  • Funny take on the addiction to technology, phones, media, etc
  • The cause of problems in many things, like relationships, family, etc
  • Has a drug-like effect on some people where they can’t be separated from their phones
  • Often makes people less sociable and serves as a reminder of what is important in life!

New in the News – Celebrities “Twitter Deaths” raise $1 Million

  • Celebrities got together to bring awareness to an organization by singer and song writer Alicia Keys, Keep a Child Alive.
  • They went off line for 6 days, not posting on twitter or facebook and asking fans to donate money.

Apps of the Week – Four Fun Apps for Kids!

  • Talking Tom Cat
  • Fling Free!
  • Pocket Frogs
  • Tap Zoo

So, What Do You Know?

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