Social Media Addiction – An Epidemic?

We all know that the world of social media provides us with information at lightning-fast speeds. We can both send and receive information with the click of a button. It is so powerful and fast that sometimes people can get a little addicted. Many people like to joke about this “social media addiction” saying that people cannot live without their computers, smart phones or other electronics.

This video takes a humorous approach on this epidemic that is “social media addiction”. Often blamed for things like divorce, wild teens and other acts of social behavior, YourTango has produced a PSA warning against this addiction.

This funny video is a parody on the social media frenzy. It shows a mother and wife, as she tries social media and slowly becomes addicted to it, as if it were a powerful drug. Viewers can watch as she is slowly introduced to Twitter at first. She then starts using all different forms of social media, and starts to spend all her time dedicated to it.

As she becomes more and more involved with the applications and her virtual life, she begins to ignore what is going on in her real life. Her husband and son grow worried and concerned about her behavior. They try to reach out, but unless it is through the Internet or her phone, there is no way to reach her.

As she eventually breaks away from the addiction she finally realizes that there is so much more to life than what is going on online. She even gets to “laugh out loud” again. Although humorous, this video does show the extremes that many people go through to get their information on the Internet. Social media can be addicting, but remember, there is more to life!

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