Snap To It! – Snappy Words, Visual Dictionary for Kids

For the large amount of visual learners there are today, a different approach to learning material can oftentimes help them out a lot. Traditional ways of teaching vocabulary, like writing and memorizing, can get routine or don’t always work when trying to teach new terms. There are now so many new ways to learn and retain vocabulary terms.


Snappy Words is a great tool that parents and children can use for vocabulary lessons. This free visual dictionary is so easy to use. All you have to do is enter a word or a phrase into the search box. From there, it will create a web of related words, phrases and definitions. As you place your mouse across any of the words or phrases you will be able to see the definitions. This site is so interactive and as you click and drag the node to explore the other branches in the web. If you double click on any of the nodes, new branches will be generated. It is very visual, as you can see the words and phrases building on one another.

This tool would be great for children who find themselves stuck with finding the right words or need a change in their usual vocabulary. It is easier and much quicker than using a dictionary or thesaurus.

This interactive tool makes vocabulary fun. Clicking on all the different areas allows children to see how easy it is to relate and learn new words and terms from ones they already know or do not know.

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