Smart Media Choices for Learning at Home: Websites (Post 4 of 4)

Like apps, websites are also a highly engaging option for children to utilize at home for practice, mastery, and learning fun. To end this series, we will again look at Parent’s Choice Children’s Media & Toy Review and Common Sense Media to guide us in finding appropriate websites for children.  It’s time for Smart Media Choices for Learning at Home: Websites!

Parents’ Choice has the fall winners for 2015 of the best children’s websites. These websites have been reviewed based upon content that inspires creativity and allows children to grow and make connections. One award winning website is Design Squad Nation a PBS sponsored website with STEM related videos, games, and online building activities great for kids in upper elementary school and older.

A popular and award winning site recommended by both Parent’s Choice and Common Sense Media is Peep and the Big Wide World. This site is appropriate for pre-K and lower elementary aged children to explore their world through videos and games that expand their knowledge. There are also videos geared toward parents and how they can help their children learn and grow. In addition, Common Sense Media has reviews on many different types of websites for all age ranges of children. It provides a great starting point to find website for your child or also to check to make sure a website is appropriate for your child.

What websites have you found that your children love to use for learning and practicing skills at home? This concludes our series on smart media choices for learning.

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