Smart Media Choices for Learning at Home: Books (Post 2 of 4)

Assisting in making choices for what your child should read at home or for an independent reading book for school is important to help them develop their reading skills. You want to make sure the topic is appropriate and that the book will not be too hard or too easy for your child. While a library or book store are good options to find helpful librarians and sales people to assist in making these decisions, the sites I provided in my previous post about media, Parent’s Choice Children’s Media & Toy Review and Common Sense Media are great resources to help in aiding these decisions.  It’s time for Smart Media Choices for Learning at Home: Books!

Using these resources as a guide, I found options for a variety of age ranges and interests that are great choices for both home and school independent reading. Depending upon the age of the reading, some of the books can be considered “stretch” books where you may need to provide some scaffolding or support in reading the book.

A great book for 2nd-3rd graders is Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary. Based upon Common Sense Media, this classic book received 5 stars, great parent and children reviews, and is appropriate for children ages six and higher. Both sites recommend the book The War that Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley for children age 9 and higher. This book is a “coming of age” story set during World War II and provides many historical facts weaved into the story.

Using media review websites can help you to find the perfect book for your child. What other websites have you found that provide valuable information to parents in choosing appropriate books for your children? Check back next week for the continuing on this series about smart media choices with apps for phones and tablets.

Photo by:  Neeta Lind

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