Smart Media Choices for Learning at Home: Apps (Post 3 of 4)

Children are highly engaged in using technology for learning. They are digital natives and learning through apps for phones and tablets can provide a way to expose your child to new concepts or to provide a review based upon what they are learning in school. Parent’s Choice Children’s Media & Toy Review and Common Sense Media, mentioned in the first post in this series on smart media, are great resources to find the best apps for your child. They provide search options based upon many different factors including age, name, and topic of the app. It’s time for Smart Media Choices for Learning at Home: Apps!

Common Sense Media has a section for “best apps” that includes top lists for different types of apps. For example, they have a variety of “best app” lists based upon a variety of different topics like vocabulary, math, apps worth paying for, or top on iTunes. These lists provide options for kids of all ages. Examples include Slice It ($0.99), a popular geometry puzzle game and Stack the Countries ($1.99), a geography puzzle game.

Parent’s Choice has ranked the top apps for the Fall of 2015 on their site based upon their award system. This site has a wide variety of apps for learning and for fun that cover a variety of ages. Two popular apps that they recommend include Robot School ($3.99) programming for kids, and Todo Math (monthly-fee based program starting at $7.99/month) a game-based math practice app to encourage building math skills at home on a daily basis.

What educational apps have you found that your kids love? Later this week, look back for our closing on this series about smart media choices with websites for your children.

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