Simple, Social, and Snazzy Storytelling with Storybird

Storybird is a free online service for families, friends, teachers, and children to collaborate in creating short, visual stories together that can easily be shared, embedded or printed. The website provides fun and simple tools to make short, visual stories in a user-friendly and kid-friendly environment.

You can search by artwork or theme to begin.  Stories can be written by one person or two or more people in a round robin fashion and can be shared privately or publicly. Publishing with Storybird is “global, viral, and instantaneous” which provides extra motivation for young authors and artists.

To begin, start a Storybird by writing a few words or dragging and dropping a few images from the digital desktop. The next person – sitting side-by-side or across the world, can take their turn, adding words and pictures. Collaboration continues until the story is ready to share and publish. If the story is public, users can comment on the story, share with friends, or embed on their website.

How can Storybird benefit my kids?

The original purpose of Storybird was to reconnect families in storytelling, even families miles apart have the opportunity to read, write, or share stories together. In the eyes of an educator, Storybird is also an amazing tool for motivating young authors by providing an audience for storytelling, a platform for publishing, and an interactive and exciting venue for collaboration.Parents can use Storybird for independent or collaborative story creation in Writer’s Workshop and as a library of kid-friendly, visual literature to use for read alouds, reader’s workshop, etc.

The website says it best, “Storybird promotes imagination, literacy, and self-confidence. Kids who play with words and pictures early in life tend to score higher in cognitive and aptitude tests later on. They read and draw more, and are better able to understand concepts and ideas. Plus, they become comfortable with the act of creation: turning nothing into something. In an idea-based society, that’s a key advantage.”

How can I get started?

Ready to get started? View the how-to video below or register at

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