Shelly Blake-Plock Challenges Educators to Teach Paperless

Shelly Blake-Plock is a progressive educator and blogger for Teach Paperless. Blake-Plock blogs regularly on “all aspects of paperless, digital, and technological culture as it relates to education.” In addition to his blog, Blake-Plock teaches high school Latin and Art History – completely paperless.

Why paperless? He clarifies, “I’m against the static idea of knowledge that paper so often represents. That’s not where the future is…online assignments are naturally dynamic. I do this because that’s what the kids understand. They are already living the post-paper knowledge life. They understand that in the future, (and the future is now), knowledge is dynamic and collaborative.”

Go Paperless for Earth Day!

In celebration of Earth Day, Blake-Plock and fellow educational technology leader Steve Katz have been advocating you to go paperless in their classrooms on April 22. Over 1060 educators from around the world have already signed his pledge to go paperless on Earth Day.

In his post, Blake-Plock emphasizes the incredible environmental benefits of not using paper with staggering figures from the Clean Air Council.

In his blog, Blake-Plock regularly highlights the many ways he teaches creatively without the use of paper such as his Five Minute Twitter Crunch Drill. Twitter, Google Docs, and online newspapers are just a few of the tools highlighted. You can view or add other practical, creative and engaging ways to teach paperless on Earth Day at Blake-Plock’s Earth Day Wiki or Steve Katz’s Earth Day Wiki.

If you want to commit to going paperless for Earth Day, click here to add your name to the pledge.
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