Sharing Even More Knowledge – Google Doc Updates

Google Docs is a useful way to share and edit assignments, projects or any other document. Google has recently updated this feature to allow for easier and more successful usage.

With new real-time updates, you won’t have to refresh the page each time to see what others have written. You can also chat with other collaborators who are working on the document and change margin settings as well as floating images. With a simpler interface, it is now easier and more manageable to use this sharing feature.

You can set privacy settings for documents, sharing them with anyone on the web, or making them private. These visibility options will allow you to see who else can view the documents. You can also reset the doc’s URL at anytime, allowing for better control on who can access the docs.

If it is set to private, you are the only one who can access it and then you can give access to others if you choose. Anyone with the link will allow users who know the web address or URL to view the document. Public on the web gives anyone the ability to search for and access a doc. If the link is posted on a blog or outside website, anyone that comes across it can view and edit the doc.

The visibility settings of each doc will appear next to the title. When you click on the share button or on the options, you will be able to see the list of editors of that specific doc. With these simpler and more efficient features, Google docs can make sharing safe and efficient.

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