Second Grade | Story Elements | Reading Comprehension

This is a short story about a young girl with a disability.

Subject: Reading
Subskill: Reading Comprehension
Concept: Story Elements
Grade Level: Middle Elementary

“Boy, oh boy! Is the bus stop this crowded every day?” Vishnu asked Mike.

“Maybe it’s because of the rain. The bus is late too,” answered Mike.
They sat and waited as the rain dripped down their umbrellas.

Soon Priya, a girl from their class, walked slowly toward the bus with her walking cane. Both boys instantly stood up to let Priya have a seat. “Thank you,” she said with a smile.

“What a pretty smile,” Vishnu thought to himself. Then some loud voices interrupted his thoughts. It was Jake and Sam. They were jumping into puddles, laughing and splashing kids. No one thought it was funny.

Honk, honk! “The bus is finally here!” said Mike. Everyone rushed toward the bus to get out of the rain.

“Stop!” yelled Priya. Vishnu and Mike turned around and saw Priya’s can on the ground. Jake and Sam were pointing and laughing.

Vishnu picked up Priya’s cane and helped her onto the bus. “Sit up here in the front,” said the bus driver in a low voice. “Don’t worry. I saw what happened. I’m going to report it to the principal.”

“Thank you,” said Priya, her eyes looking down.

Later that morning, Vishnu saw Jake and Sam sitting in the principal’s office. “They’re not laughing now!” Vishnu thought to himself. He couldn’t wait to tell Priya.

Here are some questions to ask after listening to the story.

Why did everyone rush toward the bus?
Why did Priya yell ‘stop’?
How does the bus driver solve the problem in the story?
What happens at the end of the story?.

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