Searching in the Classroom – Twitter-Google Timelines

Twitter is a great way for people to be constantly updated with the latest and greatest in news and current events. Parents and children can find so many uses for incorporating this interactive tool into their daily learning experiences.

Once there is a big topic or news-breaking event, many people flock to Twitter to find out more and share their beliefs. Because there are so many people that are involved with this process, it is sometimes hard to catch every comment or detail. With the power of Google, the two have come together to give users a new experience.

twitter timeline

Once you search for a term or event using Google, you can then zoom to any point in time and “replay” what was said about a particular topic through Twitter.

Parents can use this feature to show students about events that are happening or have already happened in history.  Once on Google, you click “show options” after you have searched a topic. Then, select “updates.” Along with the latest results, there is a chart where you can select a day, month or year and view tweets from that period in time.

Whether it is finding out what was happening during the Presidential election or how many people were tweeting about the World Cup last Saturday, Twitter and Google now have the capabilities to tell you this and more!

Google has said only tweets going as far back to February of this year will be available at first but eventually tweets from March 2006, when Twitter debuted, will be available soon.

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