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Last week, #edchatters agreed that the first question that must be answered in educational reform is, What is the purpose or mission for education today? This week, #edchatters grappled with this question. Currently, I see a tug of war occurring between two notions – the notion of schooling vs. the notion learning.

As one teacher @Kim insists, “I don’t want my students to be good at ‘school’, I want my students to be great at ‘learning’.”

I’m eager to hear more opinions on the difference between the two. For me, schooling summons images of standardized tests, busy work, rows of desks, conformity, A’s and F’s, whereas learning is something different entirely. Learning is organic, authentic, relevant, personal, and empowering.

What is the mission of education today?

The mission of education seems like it should be fairly obvious – to educate. But to what extent? While there is not yet an agreed upon goal of education, #edchatters shared their visions and hopes for what they believe the mission of education should be. Below is a wordle summarizing their contributions.

worlde resized 600When I think of the mission of education as it is currently being rewritten, I see a large focus on creating college and career ready individuals. I think it should be more than this.

The mission of education should be to empower students to become passionate, self-directed, lifelong learners armed with the critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and collaboration skills needed to change and indeed save the world. Students must be prepared to be digital, networked, and global citizens. Students should have opportunities to create and contribute, not simply consume knowledge. Education should help students to become the best of themselves, not to do or to get.

Put Your Two Cents In It!

Please share your thoughts on the questions below. Thank you for your comments!

  1. In your opinion, how do the notions of schooling and learning compare?
  2. What does “learning” mean to you?
  3. What would you add to the purpose or mission of education today?

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