Safety First – 5 Safety Sites for Children

There are enough sites out on the Internet that kids can find some favorites where they can have fun and learn at the same time. Sometimes parents may worry if some of those sites are safe and appropriate for their children. This list will give you 5 sites that are kid-friendly and educational, also informing them of the top safety tips for the Internet!

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Childnet – This is a great site to use before beginning lessons or courses with the Internet. Here you will find resources on using the Internet in a safe way. Videos and presentations serve as a great teaching aide. Interactive activities will also let the children see how to handle themselves in different situations on the Internet.

Stop Bullying Now! – This campaign aims to inform children of bullying. There are games, cartoons and webisodes, all centering around the theme of bullying. With fun characters and colorful graphics, kids will be engaged and interested as they learn of this important issue.

The Carnegie Cyber Academy – Kids can follow Commander Omni as they become cadets in Internet safety. They will learn how to protect themselves and others from the “Cyber Villains”. Because the Internet is becoming such a big part of our daily lives, the lessons learned on this site can help them explore it in a safe and secure way.

Welcome to the Web – This site is fully dedicated to teaching children all about the Internet. With seven different sections, from safe rules and browsers to use there is so much information to be learned. With accompanying worksheets, educators can easily integrate this site into any lesson.

Safety Land – Kids will love visiting this interactive city. Here they can help the super hero avoid the bad Internet characters by answering questions correctly about Internet safety. This can be a game, activity or whole class discussion.

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