Rock Stars of Science

rock stars of science 2010 resized 600The Rock Stars of Science is a campaign designed to bring awareness to science and research by pairing musicians, who are household names, with scientists. The project is sponsored by Geoffrey Beene Foundation, which supports several charitable programs, including educational causes and medical research.

The reasoning behind the pairing of rock stars and leading scientist is that children and teens, and well, most adults too, are not able to name one scientist, although they can list people in entertainment.

The campaign launched in the 2012 December issue of GQ and will highlight the leaders in cancer research in hopes to encourage students to think of science as an option for college and be inspired by the results of a career in the science field.

The Rock Stars included Debby Harris from Blondie, Brett Michaels, and Timbaland and the scientist included Dr. Oz and Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn to name a few.  Past campaigns included Sheryl Crow, WILL.I.AM, guitarist Joe Perry, Seal, and Josh Groban.

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