Response to Intervention (RTI): How can Smart Tutor help you?

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a method developed to provide research-based instruction to children with learning disabilities or those who are at-risk. RTI uses a three tiered approach to monitor progress and identify whether each child is receiving sufficient instruction.

This graph describes the group of children assessed in each tier and placed into instruction as part of the RTI process:

Response to Intervention

According to a recent article posted in the T.H.E. Journal on RTI, 80-85% of students were placed in Tier 1, 10-15% in Tier 2, and only 1-5% then moved to Tier 3.

Schools that want to successfully implement RTI are required to develop systems to assess their students’ learning skills, monitor the changes as methods are implemented, and repeat the process when it works. They are also required to use appropriate progress monitoring to measure and record student progress.

There are several Reading and Math software programs that can help with the implementation of an intervention program. The Smart Tutor program provides a way to improve reading and math skills by assessing and evaluating students’ needs on several skill levels and then automatically supplying explicit differentiated instruction. Student progress is monitored and tracked on a continuous basis. Classroom reports and individual student reports are readily accessible, allowing parents or teachers to easily monitor how their students are doing at any given time. Most parents using the Smart Tutor program to comply with RTI find that the additional tools provided (such as the “Lesson Assignment” tool) meet the requirement for giving instruction in specific areas where students may struggle.

Software such as Smart Tutor offers a new way to identify and instruct each child using an individualized learning system in order to improve academic performance and help prevent the escalation of at-risk students to Tier 3.

RTI is a useful model that can help address the current crisis in education. Tools such as Smart Tutor and other software programs can go a long way in assisting schools to implement an RTI model successfully, monitor progress and fulfill its purpose.

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