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Science is one of the most interesting and informational subjects to teach children. You can learn things in real life, seeing things in nature, or using pictures and artifacts to study about our history. A subject that has always been intriguing, especially to children, is dinosaurs. There is so much to learn and read about that children often get excited to study this part of our world. From fossils in museums to models of dinosaurs, there are so many things we can use. Here are some web-based games centered around dinosaurs that would be great to use.


Discovery Channel’s Dinosaur Central

This site is full of games, quizzes, puzzles, and even a virtual prehistoric zoo! Play a dinosaur memory game or piece together your favorite dinosaurs in a puzzle. Kids can also go back in time to see a map showing where dinosaurs walked, in different places of the earth!

Kids Dinos

This page, from the Kids Know It Network, offers a very user-friendly experience where kids can learn about dinosaurs. With different games and activities, kids can learn the different types of dinosaurs, what they ate, did, etc. You can even use your own creativity to make your own dinosaur!

The Dinosphere

This is a place where you can go into the world of dinosaurs! There are plenty of games and activities that you can play. Activities range from matching hatched dinosaur eggs to building a prehistoric scene. There are so many fun and educational activities for you to play and learn with.


With this dinosaur themed site, kids can take a dinosaur tour, read a picture book of dinosaurs and even test what they know about the subject. There is even a section for teachers full of materials that you can use with your own kids.

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