Removing All Labels – Video for Kids

With the many different types of children in the world, it is often a habit for other people, mainly adults, to label them as certain behavior or personality types. From the different hobbies, interests and behaviors that children participate in, it is sometimes easier for adults to categorize them into these different labels.

Twenty million kids and adolescents are labeled with some type of mental disorder, based only on a checklist of some behaviors. Without brain scans, x-rays and other genetic or blood testing, people are still diagnosing these children as “mentally ill”. Many are prescribed psychiatric drugs, all for a profit.

This video from the Citizens Commission for Human Rights highlights this behavior. Although it focuses on labeling children with different disorders, I think it can be applied to all aspects of children’s’ behaviors.

When children receive labels from adults, no matter what the type of label it may be, they often times think that this label is going to define them, and that it is something they cannot change.

The video highlights the power that kids who are not labeled by others, can have. Kids who label themselves can think for themselves. These are the independent and creative free thinkers. They are the artists, the independents, the revolutionaries and so much more.

The main point of this video is to not label kids of having “disorders” “diseases” or other differences. Whether it is a mental difference, physical difference, or simply a different interest of hobbies, kids should have full freedom to choose their own paths in life.

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