Reading on the iPad – Easy with These Apps!

Reading is a subject that will take children very far in life. Keeping up with books, news and events can all be done through this skill. Reading is also a hobby that can last a lifetime. People of all ages can participate in this educational and entertaining pastime! Reading on an iPad and other devices is becoming increasingly popular. Here is a quick list of some great apps that kids can use to keep those reading skills in check!


Learn Sight Words

This bright app can help your little ones learn the expected high-frequency words that they are expected to know at the end of 1st grade. With big and bold letters in classroom style, kids have an easier time learning and remembering words. You can clearly hear the words as you practice every day. The shuffle feature allows for better practice


Reading the newspaper is a great source of material to learn about what is going on in your world and the world around you. This app gives you a comprehensive and easy to use directory of thousands of local newspapers with free online content from around the world! This is great for browsing and exploring newspapers around the world, including some from Africa, Asia, Europe and more!

Free Books

Although the app is not free, you will get access to 23,000 classic books! The stories are available to download and read with a fully featured e-reader. Read material from Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin and more classics! Automatic bookmarking will save your place in a book so you can come back to it later. You can even email it so you can read it on a computer or other e-reader.


For auditory learners, this app will get you listening! Classic books are all integrated with a powerful audio player that uses text-audio synchronization. There is even a bedtime story controller, so you can fall asleep to some classic tales! Download books, change font size and color to customize the way you listen and read!

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