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Reading at is a great resource for parents and kids. Here, you will find free presentations in PowerPoint format, as well as interactive games and activities!

On the main screen, you will find over thirty categories that you can choose from that directly relate to reading. From the basic ABC’s to poetry and story maps, this site has it all! Clicking on a category will bring you to a new page that contains free presentations for you to use.

Categories are also divided into sections for teachers and kids. In these sections you will find helpful resources, pages and tools that are directly related to whatever specific category you have chosen.

A great link on this site is the Language Arts Index, where you will find links to presentations on these basic sets of words and important terms that you can use in the classroom to help your students learn. Since they are presented in PowerPoint format, they are a great option for whole group instruction.

The links to free games and clipart are also a great way for parents and students to find other useful resources that they can use at home.

There is also a link to Yakaberry, a site that offers free story hour lesson plans and activities. These activities are organized by age group and theme and are designed to help children become better readers. Lessons from this site have been tested in both classroom and library settings.

This site really does have it all. With helpful links and large lists of categories to choose from, there is so much content that can be taken from this site and used to help children learn.

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