Reading Comprehension | Poetry | Second Grade

This is a poem about twin brothers. Be sure to listen for the words that rhyme.

I have a twin brother.
His name is Jim.
People think we are alike.
But I’m the opposite of him.

He likes to read books
And I like to play ball.
His favorite season is winter
And mine is fall.

He’s devoted to his dog
And I’m crazy about my cat.
He has a brain for biology
And I’m a master at math.

He loves anything sour.
I love anything sweet.
His room is nice and tidy.
Mine’s not always neat.

We have the same parents
Though it’s not always plain to see.
But I understand Jimmy
And he understands me.

Here are some questions to ask after listening to the poem.

What is the poet trying to say about his brother?

What are some words that rhyme with ‘ball’?

What are some words that rhyme with ‘sweet’?

What is the same about the brothers?

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