Read Around the World on World Read Aloud Day!

March is the month where people all over are celebrating World Read Aloud Day. This is the day where we take action to show the world that we all have the right to read and write. Not only children, but teens and adults are all inspired to celebrate the right to an education. March 9th marks the day when we will unite to show that we all have the right to read, to write, and to share their words to change the world.

Angela Maiers, who works closely in the education field, has come up with a challenge that I think would be great for parents  to ask their children. She plans to ask children what they would miss the most without the ability to read or write. There are millions of people in the world who do not have this ability. This day should remind children of this fact, and help them appreciate their education and opportunities they are given.

This question can be interpreted in many different ways. For those who use literacy every day, it can be a hard thing to imagine a day without reading or writing. This video below from LitWorld, the starters of this movement, shows some great responses from people who participated in this interesting question.

I think children should participate in an activity similar to this one. They can learn from each other’s answers and see how literacy really affects their lives on an everyday basis. It was hard for me to imagine a day without reading or writing, since I do most of that all day. I think kids everywhere will learn and grow from this important question.

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