Raising Hope for Schools Around the World

Going to school is something that many children in this country do everyday. Sometimes, children take for granted this opportunity that they are given. In many other parts in the world, some are not as lucky. In addition to not having appropriate homes, clothing and food, schools and education are often not available, too.

There are so many great organizations that work everyday to help provide schooling and education to those who are not as fortunate. One such organization is To Mama With Love.

This organization helps Mama Lucy Kamptoni build a home and boarding facility on the campus of the Tanzanian school. This school was started with her own money which she earned from a small chicken farm.

Users can make a donation by creating a “heart space” for a mother they care about. The “heart space” can be anything in the form of a collection of photos, videos, and words dedicated to that mother. You can even send an E-card to a mother. Other people who care about that mother are invited to donate in her honor. So far the project has raised about $17,000 of its $50,000 goal.

The school started out with just 10 students and now serves more than 411. It is ranked #2 in the district from 118 schools.

With a Twitter and blog as well as a tumblr, there are more ways to get involved. You can even follow a whole class under their account. The more people that can give will help create more opportunities for those children in need.

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