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It seems that every week, Facebook comes out with a new feature or addition to their site. Recently, they have released a brand new Safety Center. It is here that users will find all the information they need to learn about and get the most out of the site’s security while using the popular site.

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Before, the safety center just had basic information on privacy settings and security. Now it is separated into different areas. There is an area for law enforcement, an area for teens, an area for parents and an area for educators.

 General Safety

There are still basic general safety tips for most Facebook users that include tips such as not giving out your password or reporting activity that is inappropriate.

Safety for Teens

For teens, the information is based on reporting bullying, hate speech and abuse and impersonation. There is also other information, like how kids can’t report a photo or person just because they don’t like the way they look in a picture. There are also warnings for kids about posting something in your profile that may not be appropriate and the possible consequences of  having it come back to haunt them in a college resume or job application.

Safety for Parents

For the parents, Facebook offers details on how to go about reporting someone for inappropriate use of the site. They can also learn more in depth details about privacy options for minors and age restrictions for using Facebook. For example, users under 13 years of age may have their profiles cancelled if their parents report them.

Safety for Educators

Most of the tips for educators are the same as the ones for the parents but include more information on keeping separate professional and personal profiles on the site. There are also tips on dealing with suicidal warning signs they might see on Facebook from their own students or children, as well as information on the Facebook Safety Advisory Board.

Safety for Law Enforcement Officials

Law enforcement officials can get information from Facebook when they need it for a criminal investigation. They can also use the site to report sex offenders and suspected terrorist activity.

ChildNet International, Common Sense Media, Connect Safely, the Family Online Safety Institute and WiredSafety are all members of the Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board which help provide the best safety and protection for its users.

Facebook is always working to improve the quality on its site and the Safety Center is one of the first steps in making it a better and safer place.

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