Progressing Children with Progressive Phonics

Ebooks are a great resource that parents can use in many different ways. Downloaded to your computer, they can serve as a great reference for certain lessons, subjects or ideas for teaching specific points. Free ebooks are great because it costs nothing to gain access to knowledge of some very important topics.

progressive phonics

Progressive Phonics is a series full of free ebooks that are available to parents to use to help children learn and improve their reading and writing skills. The ebooks that are offered on this site include topics like word construction, the alphabet and writing skills. The books are built upon each other, so they are easily arranged and organized. Whole stories are also available for teachers and students to read together for practice. You can even search the site with one of the six different language options.

When parents are helping kids with their reading and writing skills, these ebooks would serve as a great additional tool. You can also use it to simply practice reading aloud or together. With clear directions and variety of activities, instructors and learners can both benefit from the books. You always have the option of printing these books, as well. The latest books are featured right on the home page. The different subjects and topics covered give you the freedom to pick and choose from a great selection of educational material. This is just one example of an additional educational resource perfect for advancing reading and writing skills.

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