Problem Solved! – 5 Resources for Math Tutorials

For many children, math is one of those subjects where sometimes a simple lesson can seem so complex. A lot of children are visual learners and learn better when something is visually demonstrated for them. Luckily, there are many places where you can find math tutorials on the Internet. Here are 5 website that you can use to help practice and learn math skills.


Math A Tube – This site offers a collection of videos from users and websites that are arranged by mathematics topics and sub-topics. Just by watching a video, you can learn very basic skills and problem solving, as well as more advanced material like Geometry.

Math TV – This site is full of high quality math tutorials. Many different levels are covered, from basic mathematics to Algebra. You are able to create your own playlists so you can arrange them by lesson or subjects you are teaching or learning to help enhance learning.

Tutor USA – You can find a lot of helpful links on this site. Along with the tutorials, there are also tons of free worksheets and lesson plans that you can use. The videos range in length and style, so you are sure to find something that fits your needs.

Brightstorm – Here you will find great online study materials for math, as well as for tests like the ACT and SAT. All mathematics tutorials feature videos of math teachers explaining and demonstrating how to solve certain problems. You can view them right on the site or you can embed them in a wiki, website or classroom page.

Mathtrain.TV – This site was made from a group of students from a middle school in California. You can watch videos made by the students themselves. The student explanations may offer a different and more familiar approach to problem solving. There are also videos by teachers that can be viewed.

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