Practice Makes Perfect – Math Resources

We all know that when it comes to learning and practicing new skills, practice makes perfect. But what can we use to practice with?


Sometimes, great math resources are not that easy to find. Thankfully, there is, a great FREE online resource that is full of fun math activities. Kids will be engaged in these interactive activities, while practicing their math skills and learning at the same time!

The site is divided into different grade levels, so you can choose from Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School Math. In these sections you will find online tutorials, as well as pdf tutorials that you can download and save to your computer for future uses. Interactive activities will engage children have them practicing math without even realizing it!

This is great for parents who want to assign extra work for homework or extra practice. The pdf is also editable, so children can email their homework tutorials to their teachers, saving time and paper!

The online tutorials also have a score card, so children can keep a record of answers they have answered right or wrong. This intelligent tool will show the correct answer if a student does not know how to correctly answer the question. With a math dictionary, children will also be able to look up and learn the definition of the terms they are unfamiliar with.

By continually developing and enhancing the syllabus that the site has to offer, is a great math resource for parents and children to use when practicing math skills!

Math Curriculum and Math Games by Smart Tutor

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