Popular Kid-friendly Tech Accessories for the iPad

The iPad is still one of the most popular gifts even for kids.  There are many new accessories and add-ons for apps for children that are both fun and encourage learning.  Some of the popular app accessories for kids include Crayola Color Studio, GuitarJack, Duo Pop Game Buzzer, and Cars 2 AppMATes.


Crayola Color Studio

Crayloa Color Studio turns your iPad into a digital coloring book.  By purchasing the iMarker accessory you then have access to download and unlock all of the features of the ColorStudio HD app.  The iMarker can be used as a marker, crayon, pencil, or paint brush and interacts with the touch screen display.  In addition there are animated characters, music, sound, and effects that can be added to the digital coloring pages.  There are pre-designed coloring pages, pages that you can create, and  a fee draw page all of which are easily shared by either through printing, on Facebook, or by email.  Check out this demo video of Crayola Color Studio HD.  This is a great app for kids to learn their colors, practicing fine motor skills, and creativity.


GuitarJack is an accessory add-on for the iPad that allows the user to attach their electric guitar (or other instruments and microphones) to the iPad.  This is a great accessory for teenagers.  The device allows the user to record their music on the go in a portable manner.  It is compatible with several different apps to record the music for later playback.  This accessory touts that it has the least amount of crosstalk, can allow the user to create multiple tracks, and record vocals and a instrument at the same time.

Duo Pop Game Buzzer

The Duo Pop Game Buzzer combines learning and family time and makes it fun.  The four controllers wirelessly connect to the iPad to allow multi-player gaming on the iPad even easier.  Games created by Highlights and the Smithsonian are featured like Guesstimation, Highlights Hidden Pictures, and Artifact or Fiction.  More games are scheduled for release later this year.  All of the games slated for this device involved learning, facts, and fun.

Cars 2 AppMATes

The accessory I was most impressed with is the Cars 2 AppMATes (Mobile Application Toy) created by Disney.  You purchase the accessory toy pack that comes with two small plastic Cars 2 figures including stars such as Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater.  Each purchased pack only comes with two cars, so to get all of the games you would need to buy both packs.  Each car has their own ‘footprint’ with unique games for the iPad that includes races, mazes, free play, and players can customize their cars.  The toys then are used interactively on the screen (“play mat”) to play the game.  Watch the video of this app in action.

These iPad gadgets combine fun and learning for this holiday season.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

Picture By Ernst Vikne

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