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Episode 12 – June 4, 2010

(Episode Length: 15 minutes, 10 seconds)

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  • Welcome to e-Learning Today TV

School of the Week

  • James E. Duckworth School
    • school for students with disabilities
    • hosts annual Challenge Day
    • showcases athletics and hard work

Current E-vents

  • Summer Essay and Poetry Contest | Poetic Power
    • K-12 students in the United States or Canada, chance to get published and win $$/prizes with no entry fee
    • Teachers, professors, and writers evaluate each entry.
    • POETRY deadline – August 17, 2010: original work of the student, in English, appropriate content, and over 21 lines of text.
    • ESSAY deadline- July 15, 2010: must not be over 250 words.

Fit to Learn

  •  Junk Food Bans
    • Research on link between school food and childhood obesity
    • Working towards eliminating junk food in schools
    • Mexican government already banning junk food

Hashtag Talk

  • +/ – Evaluating Educators Based on Student Test Scores
    • Infographic
    • Politics should not play into student or teacher assessment.
    • We must redefine education before we can define good teaching and learning.
    • Evaluation should encourage and improve practice; it should not be something to fear.

Watch and Learn

  •  Librarians Go Gaga
    • Staff and students do parody of Lady Gaga
    • reinforcing the importance of technology and research
    • using social media to get message across

Teach This

  • LinkedIn for Educators
    • Useful tips for building your profile
    • Joining groups
    • Applications
    • Recommendations
  • Google Reader for Educators
    • Google Reader is a must have for educators trying to stay informed in the constantly transforming world of education.
    • Login or create Gmail account, “Add subscription” – blogs to follow, “Feed Settings” to edit or create folders.
    • Tips from Mary Beth Hertz


Blogger of the Week

  • Students need more problems of the world:
    • Aaron Eyler, NJ high school History teacher, author of Synthesizing Education Blog, thinks kids need more problems
    • “What if the problems we work on in school are real life, and solving them saves the world?”
    • In a recent post, he asks, “Why are we not asking kids to develop solutions to complex problems like the economy or the oil spill?”
    • Eyler speaks out against dissenters who may insist that kids do not understand or have the capacity to grapple with society’s problems.
    • In relation to the oil spill, he retorts, “As far as I am concerned, neither did BP. If they did, then it STILL wouldn’t be a problem. Hell, by this point, the BP oil spill could have been an entire marking period worth of work having kids research and develop solutions that have had the same (or better) success rate as BP’s.”
    • This type of authentic teaching and learning will require educators to step outside of their trusty and dusty plan books in order to make learning more meaningful and powerful for students.
    • Eyler’s kids are working to save historical site, Trenton Barracks (check out their petition).

So, What Do You Know

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