Poetry and Women’s History Month

March was Women’s History Month and April represents Poetry Month.  There are many resources available online that children can utilize at home to celebrate and learn more about both of these topics.



Poets.org provides 30 ways that children can celebrate Poetry month.  There different ideas include reading and writing poetry, visiting poetry landmarks, attend a poetry reading, and listen to poetry.  One of the ideas also includes integrating technology with poetry by creating a tag at the end of your email signature that includes a line of poetry.  Each idea includes a link to more information about the idea and stanza’s of poetry.  These ideas would be great for older children to get involved in their community with sharing poetry during Poetry month.

Scholastic – Poetry Month

Scholastic has a wide variety of resources for poetry month.  Video links include poets reading their poetry and encouraging children to write and publish their own poetry, poetry workshops on how to write poetry, and poets discuss the inspiration behind their poems.  Activities include creating a poetry slide show, writing poetry riddles, writing haiku’s, acrostic poems, and analyzing other poet’s writing.  All of the activities include specific directions to help a parent guide their child through the activity as well as giving grade ranges for the activities.

Fact Monster – Women’s History Month

Fact Monster is always a great resource for information specifically written for children.  For Women’s History Month they provide the history of important women including influential women, leaders, and award winners.  There is a full section of biographies of important women covering various fields and achievements.  The Fun Features for Kids section includes fun facts about women including women who have been featured on stamps, female children who have made inventions, and daughters who followed in their mother’s footsteps to become famous.  After reading the various facts on the website, you can then challenge you child to one or more of the twelve quizzes on women’s history found on the website.

Time for Kids – Women’s History Month

Time for Kids is a website devoted to teaching children about current events, history, and other social studies skills.  There is a page devoted to Women’s history month by providing various articles and online activities.  This includes a Q & A session with Kristi Yamaguchi, a video about Amelia Earhart, an article and video about women serving in Iraq, an interview with Astronaut Sally Ride, and an article about why we celebrate Women’s history Month.  I think this would be a great resource to encourage boys to learn about women in history as some of the successful women held careers that are high interest subjects for boys.

Months that honor specific subjects and ideas give a time at home for children to learn and expand their knowledge about a variety of subjects.  Building upon what they learn at school is an important home learning experience.

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