Podcasts for Education Made Easy | The Who, What, and Why

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Feeds, Metadata, and Queues – Oh My!

Audio and video podcasting, broadcasting an audio or video recording online that can be heard through a computer or downloaded to a mobile device like an iPod, is a revolutionary tool for educators. Unfortunately, many educators are reluctant to get started with podcasting because it can be rather intimidating to learn. A quick glance at iTunes podcasting page even makes me a little uneasy. Fortunately many companies offer tools for educators to use to make this process simple on no to a low budget.

The Who, What, and Why

Podcasts are engaging, dynamic, and authentic teaching and learning tools. Everyone can benefit from listening to and creating audio and video podcasts.

Podcasting for EduBloggers

Educational bloggers can use audio and video podcasts to spice up their blogs and better interact with their professional or personal learning networks. Like my colleague Lauren and I do on eLearningToday.TV, bloggers can use podcasts as a platform for discussing tips, tools, and trends in education – or really anything they feel is valuable to share. Doing so will help them reflect on their own learning and help themselves and others grow as educators.


Podcasting for Administrators, Teachers, and Coaches

Administrators, teachers, and coaches can use audio and video podcasts as a school to home connection. By podcasting school or classroom news, lectures, presentations, study materials, events, or more online or in iTunes administrators, teachers, and coaches can communicate more easily and effectively with students and families.


Podcasting for Students

My favorite use of podcasts in education is when student utilize them for publishing their learning and creativity on a worldwide platform. Students can use audio and video podcasts in project based learning environments, to make documentaries, or as an enrichment tool. Podcasts serve as creative, authentic, and dynamic formative assessments and portfolios of student learning. Plus, the fact that it gives students an audience is a motivational and engagement tool that leads to higher quality work and participation.


***Check back for Part 2: The How of Podcasting in Education (including 4 simple steps) + an eBook on Podcasting Made Simple

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