PlayBook – How will Educators Use It?

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BlackBerry announced the launch of their own tablet, the PlayBook! As a BlackBerry user myself, I like the fact that the playbook offers an easy integration with my current BlackBerry phone and everything in my phone such as email, calendar, BlackBerry Messenger, and more without the need to sync the two.

Along with other technical features that may not make much sense to basic users, here are the top four features on the PlayBook and how teachers can use them:


As with other devices available in the market right now, the PlayBook will offer true multitasking, enabling users to switch from applications without exiting them. For example, your music player can continue to run and play music as you read your emails or browse the web. How will an educator use this feature? Teachers are able to work as if they were in their own computer running multiple applications at the same time.


This is what we all been waiting for! Not just in our office, but the entire world! Yes, Flash will be available making it easier to browse websites and any other Flash content on the web. How will an educator benefit from having Flash? They will be able to run Flash-based lessons (such as Smart Tutor), videos, educational games, and any other flash content on the web in their classes, lectures, meetings, etc.

Dual Cameras

The PlayBook has two cameras, one in the front and one in the back that facilitates video conferencing and taking pictures. How will educators implement this? Virtual and online classes, tutoring, networking with other educators online, collaborate in projects from remote sites, etc.

Kindle App

An application for Kindle is being developed for the PlayBook so that book lovers and paperless enthusiasts can integrate their PlayBook with their current Kindle downloads, allowing one less device to carry with you.

The PlayBook will be available early next year but no date has been announced as of today or the cost of this new device.

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