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Episode29  –  Fri., Oct. 8, 2010

Feature of the Week – Virtual and Online Classes for children with Chronic Illness

  • The Living Through Learning Foundation, a non-profit organized based in New Jersey work with educators to help students with chronic illness attend classes online.
  • The organization works with several partners and education specialist at hospitals to provide students with resources to continue learning.

Watch and Learn – A Girl Story

  • Nonprofit organization Nanhi Kali joined with cultural movement agency StrawberryFrog to produce an interactive web series
  • The series is based on contributions and only continues with the help of donations
  • Based on real life struggle of a young Indian girl trying to earn an education
  • This money will be used towards classes, books and other school essentials for the girls in India.

BlackBerry PlayBook  – How Will Educators Use It?

  • Blackberry announced next year will be releasing a new tablet pc that will have Multitasking, Flash, and dual cameras with video conferencing.
  • It will have a Kindle app to read books and it integrates with everything in your blackberry phone without syncing.

E-Freebies – 4 Virtual World Sites

  • Action All Stars
  • Bin Weevils
  • Dino Kids
  • DizzyWood

So, What Do You Know?

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