Play it Loud!

Do you ever catch your kids strumming their pencils to the beat of a song? Playing an invisible guitar or maybe a desk-drum set? For those interested in entertaining those kids who can get a little antsy at times, listen up. You can now really give them a chance to play some tunes with this virtual keyboard.


The Virtual Keyboard is an online keyboard where children can virtually play the piano, organ, saxophone, flute, pan pipes, guitar, bass and steel drums! They can play individual notes or they can create their own chords. This tool is a great way for kids to practice their music and sound skills. It also could be a great introductory tool for students who are interested in learning how to play an instrument and want to practice.

For those who do not have a strong music program in their own schools may want to introduce this tool as a supplementary tool in music education.

There are simple instructions that show you how to play the keyboard and all the different chords are laid out for you. This is one tool that can serve as both educational and fun. A great one to show kids during their break from school. Start playing!

Article By Lauren Grossberg
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