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PicLits is a great website that is simple and fun to use. It is a creative writing site that takes images and matches them with selected keywords. The basic point of the site is to put the right words with the right pictures, in the right order, to create a story from the picture. There is a library full of images that teachers can use to help encourage all different styles of writing. The site is very easy to use. There is a drag and drop bank of words that you can choose from. These images are great for describing what is happening in the picture.

You can browse the gallery and get inspired by the work of others. You can see the highest rated pictures, as well as the newest. There is a tab with lesson ideas that would work well in a classroom. There are ideas on writing lesssons, rhyming lesssons and other master lessons that you can do just by using PicLits.

Parents can use this site when dealing with writing lessons. Pictures are great to accompany nouns, adjectives and verbs for example. Just the sight of a picture can help kids start planning and creating material for a writing assignment.

They are constantly updating the site, with plans to share and print your PicLits. There are also upcoming contests for original PicLits.

Use this site as a fun tool or supplement to any writing lesson!

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