Pay Attention – Teaching with Technology

Kids are so emerged with technology, sometimes they act as the educators, showing their parents how to do certain things and use certain tools.

This video asks the simple question of if we are paying attention to the way our kids learn. Besides being a visual, spatial or audio learner, most students fall under the category of “digital learners.” With fascinating facts like the 10,000 hours college graduates have spent playing video games and the 70% of our nation’s 4-6 year olds that have used a computer; it is no wonder why children are being classified as digital learners.

The video also asks if we are reaching our kids. Are we engaging them? The technologies that they are using so much in their everyday lives should be infused so that we do reach our kids and so that we do engage them. Blogs, wikis, podcasts, virtual tours. These are just a few of the dozens of items presented in the video that offer a new way to use technology. It brings up a great point that since our children already know how to use these technologies, we should be using them to teach. Even recent graduates who are no longer in school encourage the idea of using technology to engage children, not enrage them.

Podcasts are another great option to teaching. With thousands available in almost any subject, you can teach students without having to stand up and lecture them. This video offers great advice and inspiration for engaging digital learners today.

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