Parent-Friendly Websites to Help Improve Child Learning at Home

The Internet is a wealth of resources for parents to find information about how they can help their child learn at home.  As a teacher, this is a very frequent question asked by parents who see their child struggling in school or who want their children to continue learning and advancing at home.  I have an arsenal of resources that I provide to parents so they can help their children.  Here is a list of a few of the more popular online resources.


Internet 4 Classrooms – Parent Page

One popular website for parents to help their children at home with learning is Internet 4 Classrooms.  This popular website has many child-focused online games and activities.  They have a specific parent page on their site including links to these activities as well as other links for topics including homework help, internet safety, reading help, family planning for the future, time management, character education, how to get involved at your child’s school, and reviews of great educational apps.

Scholastic – Parents

Scholastic also has a parent friendly site for information.  Topics include books and reading, child development, school help, activities, and kid friendly websites.  Articles, activities, and videos are provided for various age levels to help their children.  This site is very informative and user friendly and updated frequently. – Parents Site

The government education website,, also has a parent website geared to help children with learning.  This site is written in both English and Spanish and includes online booklets about preparing your child for school, after school care, helping your child read, helping your child be academically successful, assisting special needs children, and planning for college.  Each subpage of the site includes either online booklets, articles, or research to help parents gain the information they need to help their children be successful in school.

The Child’s Academic Success page was especially informative including booklets on how to help your child at home with learning at home and is broken down by subject area.  It also includes a segment on helping children with homework.  I see this as an important skill so that parents can help their children, but not actually complete the assignments for their children.

The entire website is geared toward parents.  This site is very well designed and easy to use for a parent to plan activities and gain educational insight to support their children.  It is engaging, includes videos, interactive postings, articles, and activities to do with your children.

To access the worksheets section of the site, you do need to create an account, but the worksheets are free.  For the workbooks, there is a small monthly fee to access complete sets of materials.  The remainder of the site can be accessed without an account, but it does include advertising including advertising videos.

Being active in your child’s education is very important.  It can help them to be successful lifelong learners.  These sites will help you to learn more about being active in your child’s education.

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