Paging All Kids!

We all know how kids can get rowdy and riled up in the homeschool setting. From long hours of presentations to reports and assignments, it can be difficult at times to catch attention. Do you ever wish you can just send the kids a text to get them to pay attention? Well, now you can!


With Class Pager, parents have the ability to send group messages to their kids. The great feature about this tool, is that neither of the parties will see the other person’s real cell phone number, which is a nice safety feature.

The parent just needs to register on the site. Once there, you will get an enrollment code that you can share with your kids. Once the child texts ClassPager with that same code, they will be added to the roster. The parent can then send messages for everyone who has signed up.

I think parents can benefit greatly from this service if they use it to the best of their ability. It is definitely a way to keep in touch. You can let them know what the latest news is, any upcoming events or other special information. For kids, you can remind them of upcoming due dates, assignments, or just an everyday text of encouragement! There are many creative things you can do with this…what would you do?

Article By Lauren Grossberg

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