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Most of the time, we find and review social media sites and other tools and resources for kids. Although the list goes on and on, there are also many out there specifically for parents. Parents are also avid users of the Internet and want to connect and share experience with other parents. From sharing parenting tips to favorite recipes, there are many topics to explore. Here are some of the great sites connecting parents all over the world!


CafeMom – This online community for mothers is very active. With discussion boards, groups and questions, there is an endless amount of information from other users available to you. There are tons of topics and categories. Users can write their own journal entries and blog posts and the site highlights some of the most popular ones. With group searches, it is easier than ever to find mothers similar to you and connect to ones that live in your area or somewhere on the opposite end of the world

Mamapedia – This site focuses on connecting parents by the current age and stage of their child. Everyday needs, like health, play and other advice on parenting and family can all be found here, by actual parents themselves. There are also great search options, like searching locally to your area, which will show highlighted blog posts and also deals and perks from local sponsors.

Minti– This is one of the parenting sites that is not focused on mothers, so many dads flock to this site for tips and advice. All articles, which are user generated, are tagged and rated. They focus on parenting from the earliest stages, up to the teenage years and beyond. Users can earn virtual money by participating in posts and inviting new members. This can exchanged for real currency (at a rate of about 500 to 1).

MomsLikeMe – Based on over 60 locations, this site will automatically place you in a local group of parents. You can use this feature to see what parents in the area are talking about and doing. You can also add friends, send messages and join groups, much like any other social media site.

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