Organic Food For Thought – Inspirational Video

Most 11-year-old children can’t get enough of junk food, sweets and other unhealthy food choices. Birke Baeher is not like most children.

Birke has taken a great interest in food, and not just the bad kind. In this TED video, he presents his opinions on a major source of our food, industrial farms. He talks about his ideas to green and localize food production. At such a young age, it is remarkable to meet someone who already knows what he wants to do as a career. Birke is already taking important steps in order to become an organic farmer.

This inspiring young man has been “roadschooled” since age 9, traveling with his family, while studying sustainable and organic farming practices, like composting, vermiculture, canning and food preservation. With the love of learning about this field, he wants to take that passion and give it to others by teaching and speaking.

This speech Birke gives shows audiences what he believes is wrong with our food system. He explains how marketers try to persuade both children and adults to buy their products that are unhealthy. After his travels, he has learned the “dark side” of how many foods are processed. He talks about some of the unhealthy things that are done to many of the foods we eat everyday and how he hopes that with his career choice, he can make an impact on the world in a better way.

This one young man who makes small choices, like eating organically or buying produce from local farms can help make others do the same, leading to a bigger change for the world!

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