Open Your Mind to OpenStudy!

Social networks are a great way for kids and adults to connect with each other. Study groups are a great way for people to learn and practice concepts with each other. What if there was some way that you could combine these two practices?

OpenStudy is a social learning network where children get the chance to ask questions, give help and connect with others who are currently studying the same or similar topics. The goal of this site is to make the whole world a large study group, allowing people in different parts of the world, education level, race, gender, etc to have a learning experience. You can learn more about OpenStudy by watching the video below.

With this program, children are matched with search engines. You can find out who is working on the same subjects as you, allowing you to learn and help each other. It is a great alternative to break away from notes and textbooks. You can use this as an additional study resource to get some different points of views from other students who are just like you. You can also log on and help out others who may be struggling in areas where you have succeeded in.

Parents can use this tool to connect and engage students using a social network. It is a great way to organize study groups and help others in areas of need. Kids can use it to help with homework and test prep and also use their knowledge to help those in need!

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