Online Resources for Moms and Dads: Learn, Read, and Explore and are wonderful online resources for Moms and Dads.  There is a wealth of information for parents to learn, read, and explore about raising, connecting with, and educating their children.  Both sites include timely articles, community connections to other Moms and Dads, parenting tips, family resources, tools for organization, recipes for meal times, and most of all ways for parents to connect with their children.


Espresso Minute & The Play of the Day

Espresso Minute & The Play of the Day are the daily emails that you can sign up for on these websites specifically for parents.  They encourage users to sign up for these free emails where users will be sent a daily email article about timely parenting tips and topics.  Current\ topics include a discussion about children starting to date and children who are rebelling against their parents.  The articles include scenarios and how parents can handle the situation in a positive manner.  They also discuss differences in approaches that may be needed if the child is a boy or a girl.  I found this information very insightful.

iMom & AllProDad Mornings

There are also programs for parents to interact off-line with the iMom and AllProDad Mornings.  Basically these programs encourage individuals in the community to set up or get involved in an existing chapter ‘chapters’ of iMom or AllProDad Mornings in conjunction with children’s PTA organization at the school.  These invents include the children and are used to make connections, build relationships, and discuss important issues in relation to their children’s interests.

The Movie & Music Monitor

The Movie and Music Monitor are great ways for parents to find information about the most popular movies and music that kids are interested in today.  For movies, the website provides titles, a synopsis, ratings, at-a-glance content, and descriptions on what age groups would be appropriate for viewing and listening.  The Music Monitor has the top 25 songs with the title, artist, and lyrics so that parents can make informed decisions if their child should be listening to a particular song.

Tools & Resources

The Tools & Resources page is full of useful guides and printouts to help build relationships with your children along with home management.  The ‘building relationships’ section has conversation starters to talk about important and difficult subjects with your children like drinking, drugs, and growing up.  There are also printouts for ‘coupons’ for kid time, dad time, and mom time which were very cute.  The ‘training tools’ section has printouts for behavior contracts, goals charts, meal time management, and chores.

Overall, both and are great online resources for parents to work on building relationships with their children, helping them to grow up to be smart, active, and involved members of their community.  There are excellent education and wellness tips and is a great resource to share with all of your friends who are parents.

Article By Laura Ketcham

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