Online Reading Games for Parents and Kids

I recently discovered a fun website for teaching and reviewing some important reading concepts.  Blue Ribbon Readers was designed by PBS and Penn State University to help parents teach literacy to their children.  The site uses games and lessons to cover 7 different reading strategies.

  1. Questioning Cube – This game has a short story for your child to read.  After reading the story, the child clicks to roll a cube.  The cube brings up a question about the story that your child will answer.  This is great for practicing reading comprehension.
  2. Making Connections – This interactive shows a three children reading a story on a chalkboard.  After your child reads the story, they will click on each child to determine which connection they made to the story.
  3. Detective’s Notebook – Your child will have fun pretending to be a detective in this game.  They will read a short story and use the clues in the story to answer a question about it.  Each question requires the child to either predict what will happen or make an inference about the story.
  4. Visualizing – This simple game requires your child to read a sentence and picture it correctly in his head.  Then, he chooses the correct picture that matches what the sentence said.
  5. The Train Game – Suitable for children just learning to read, this game uses simple, easy to read words.  The child clicks on the words in the correct order to make a sentence.  Clicking on the words lays a train track that allows the train to steam past.  The sentences are only three words long making it perfect for new readers.
  6. The Fridge Magnet Game – Magnets with words on them cover the top part of a refrigerator in this game.  Some of the words are formed into a sentence with one word that doesn’t fit in the sentence.  Children must find the nonsense word and replace it with a word magnet that makes sense.  These sentences are longer and more suitable for older children.
  7. The Hamburger Game – Focusing on finding the main idea, this game gives a child three related sentences to read.  The child chooses the sentence that is the main idea and drags it into the hamburger shown.  If the sentence is the main idea, then a hamburger patty shows up to complete the hamburger.  If the child chooses the wrong sentence, no patty is shown.

These games are great for teaching some crucial reading concepts.  Kids will think they are having fun playing on the computer or tablet, and they will be practicing skills at the same time.  What other online games do you use to teach reading skills?

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