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Episode 4 – April 9, 2010

(Episode Length: 19 minutes, 04 seconds)


Pick me up:

    • Special Needs Sports Teams
      • Baltimore couple started sports program for special needs students
      • competed nationally in Junior Disability Championships
      • have Paralympian alumni

Current E-vents:

    • LEGO Smart Creativity Contest
      • 10,000 contestants needed
      • Qualified contestants receive a free LEGO Smart Kit and must use the kit to complete an academic challenge project.
      • The purpose of the challenge is to illustrate how LEGO bricks can be used to create valuable learning opportunities for students that will help develop them into creative problem solvers.
      • 2009 LEGO Smart Creativity Contest
      • Browse last year’s LEGO Smart activities to get ideas for the challenge or simply learn how you can integrate LEGOs into your curriculum


    • Photo Peach
      • website for making interactive slideshows
      • can add music and Youtube clips to shows
      • share and embed your shows
    • Peter Rabbit
      • virtual popup book site
      • learn about characters and tales of Peter Rabbit
      • beautiful site with themed games and activities

Hashtag Talk:

    • From an educator’s point of view, what should be cut from education budgets when times get tough?

Watch and Learn:

    • Famous Failures
      • Inspirational video about failures
      • Showcases famous people who have overcome failure
      • Proves that you can take failure and turn it into success

Blogger of the Week:

    • Shelly Blake-Plock from TeachPaperless
    • Shelly Blake-Plock is a progressive educator, teaching high school Latina and Art History, and blogger for Teach Paperless.
    • Why paperless? He clarifies, “I’m against the static idea of knowledge that paper so often represents. That’s not where the future is…online assignments are naturally dynamic. I do this because that’s what the kids understand. They are already living the post-paper knowledge life. They understand that in the future, (and the future is now), knowledge is dynamic and collaborative.
    • In celebration of Earth Day, Blake-Plock challenges teachers to go paperless in their classrooms on April 22. 1060+ teachers from around the world have already signed his pledge to go paperless on Earth Day.You can view or add ways to teach paperless on Earth Day at Blake-Plock’s Earth Day Wiki or Steve Katz’s Earth Day Wiki.
    • Interview with Shelly Blake-Plock
      • “I guess what motivates me is that we — as educators — literally have the capacity to change the future course of human civilization — for the better or for the worse. We don’t often think about it in those terms, but when it comes down to the brass tacks, that’s the job description. If that doesn’t motivate you, then maybe you need to re-evaluate things.”  


    • Leading to Reading
      • Provides literary material for babies-preschool
      • Free games, activities, real book stories
      • Grown up section with tips on encouraging reading
    • Thinkfinity
      • Sponsored by the Verizon Foundation
      • Provides 55,000 high-quality educational resources
      • Aligned to standards

Teach This:

    • 5 Ways to Use iPods for Education

      • Apple’s iPod has transformed the way people interact with music as well as the music industry itself. Anyone who has stepped in a classroom in the last few years can see that the iPod has also transformed our students. The trick is not fearing this technology, but harnessing it as a powerful tool for education. The iPod has the power to transform education as it has the music industry.
    • Facebook Community Pages
        • Designed for topics and causes or “unoffical” pages
        • Confusion of community pages, fan pages and groups
        • Could offer a place for teachers and educators to come together

 Random Fact:

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