Online Activities for Kids- Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 through October 15.  In the United States, this month is dedicated to learning about Hispanic history and culture.  These dates were selected because many Latin American countries celebrate their independence days within this time period.  There are many online resources that families can read, watch, and listen to that will help them to learn about Hispanic culture and traditions.

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Smithsonian Institute:  Hispanic Heritage Resources

The Smithsonian Institute provides a wide variety of activities for children of all ages.  The materials provided on their website are traditionally used by teachers in the classroom but can easily be adapted to be done at home.  One of the activities I really enjoyed learning about was the history of how the Spanish and Mexican cultures impacted America with the style and traditions of cowboys.   The activities on this topic range by age and include learning a popular Spanish song about cowboys to learning how the popular cowboy terminology like spur, saddle, and cowboy boots made their way from Hispanic to American culture.

Biography Channel Hispanic Heritage Materials

The Biography Channel also has a great wealth of online resource for children to learn about the impact of Hispanic culture on the world.  The video section includes biography about famous Hispanic individuals like Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Che Gueavara, Pancho Villa, Picasso, and Dali.  There is also an online interactive trivia game to test kids’ knowledge of Hispanic heritage.  They also have many biographies written on current and past Hispanic individuals who have made an impact on society.  The list includes writers, artists, politicians, musicians, scientists, and athletes from South American, Central America, Mexico, Cuba, and Spain.

Hispanic Heritage Activities from Scholastic

Scholastic has great online resources and activities for Hispanic Heritage Month for younger children.  Kids can play Piñata Memory game which teaches them the words for colors in Spanish.  There is also an interactive online timeline where students select the geographic region and then learn about the impact of various Hispanic cultures have had on the world.  Examples include explorers, wars, immigration, and politics.  This site also has biographies on famous Latino Americans, Hispanic Americans from different economic groups, and historical figures.

Census Bureau Facts:  Hispanic Americans

Even the Census Bureau put together a webpage of facts about Hispanic Americans for Hispanic Heritage Month.  This page includes many interesting facts about the growth of Hispanic Americans in the United States over the past 10 years.  The Untied States now has the second largest Hispanic population (Mexico was number one).  There are so many facts about the important role that Hispanic Americans have played in helping the United States to grow, create businesses, and their contribution to the military.  Teens and tweens can use this information they learn at home to then share with friends, other family, or to include on school projects.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a great time for children to learn about Hispanic culture and impact on society while sharing the experience with parents.

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