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Kids and games are two things that constantly go together. With the advancements in technology and the Internet, there are so many choices of games and so many options to play them. Computer games are some of the most convenient and fun ways for kids to play games. Virtual World games can reach a wide range of students on a wide range of subjects. By interacting and communicating with other users, children can practice real world skills in a virtual place. Whether you have a few minutes left in the day or want to give them free time on the computer, these games are sure to keep your kids’ attention!

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Action All Stars – This is a great game for all sports fanatics. You can create your very own athlete in this sports-based virtual world. From there, you can play a variety of sports games, go on missions, and participate in other fun activities. You can also find real-time sports information and other pro sports items that are used in real all star leagues!

Bin Weevils – Children can enter Tycoon Island where they will meet some crazy characters. In this virtual world, they will get a chance to have fun and play entertaining and engaging games that use real social and educational values. The avatars, or “weevils” are unique to each student. They can use them to socialize and interact with other weevils, build businesses and more. There is even a unique online safety system, which monitors kids’ online behavior, educates them on avoiding bad language, and taking precautions on the Internet.

Dino Kids – This flash based virtual playground stems around a fun dinosaur theme. Kids will love the fun characters and games and adults will love the safe and reliable website. Making friends and exploring has never been more fun. This cool site will ensure that online safety is taken into account along with fun.

DizzyWood – In this virtual world, kids can create their own characters and play free games, explore exciting areas and make new friends. Themed environments and challenging adventures allow children to help others and have fun while they are learning. By gaining super powers and exploring different areas, kids will use their skills along with their imagination to have fun!

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