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Just when you thought you couldn’t find enough, more free resources! is a very big collection of free resources for grades pre-K to 6+. Here you will find tons of information on science, math, spelling, grammar, social studies, history, geography and much more. They also have an extensive set of presentations in PowerPoint and word documents.

This site is also great for kids. There are so many tools, games, resources and videos that are kid-friendly. The videos from the website are great for fun and learning. The videos can play in full screen mode and are clear and of high quality. Categories like “book related” are the perfect choices for story time. Under these links, you will be directed to categories of popular children’s books like Clifford the Big Red Dog and Dr. Suess. Once you choose a book category, you can select from some of the most popular and enjoyable children’s books.

Parents will enjoy the many resources that the site has to offer. There are links to homework help sites, lesson guides and other information on helping kids use the internet in a safe way.

Links to other sites are also available on Gamequarium. It is a great resource because it has many different categories and subjects all in one place. Parents can use this site to incorporate activities into lessons. They can replace older or routine lessons or be used to add an interactive way of learning certain concepts.

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