Not in Our School – Anti Hate & Bullying

As more and more children have to unfortunately deal with school bullying and other forms of hate from their peers, more are also finding new and creative ways to speak up against this crime.


Patrice O’Neill, documentary filmmaker and executive producer of a grassroots organization called Not in Our Town (NIOT) works with many people to help raise awareness. Stemmed from this organization, Not in Our School provides resources for on starting discussions and talking about bullying and other hate crimes around the country. Children are asked to tell their own stories in hopes of building a more respectful environment for all students in the community.

Educators can find helpful resources like discussion guides and sample materials that encourage children to speak out against hate and bullying. This campaign opens endless possibilities to how each school will deal with these issues. Examples from some schools include performing presentations and role playing situations involving bullies. Other schools dedicate a month to presentations, events, artwork and speakers that all involve the theme of tolerance. There are literally hundreds of different ways you can address this topic.

NIOT now has a new web site that really engages the community. You can add yourself to the interactive map as people in your community are taking a stand against bullying. The social media tools allow members to share and learn from others personal experiences. People continually find new and innovative ways to take a stand against this very important issue.

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