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Poisson Rouge offers visitors a unique experience when they stop by this engaging site. With no lengthy instructions to get in the way of the user experience, this site is simple yet creative. They offer over 200 games and interactive activities that include a vast array of topics, like music, numbers and art.

Interactive games include real world applications and everyday objects. By clicking on images, you are taken to a game or activity. By naturally exploring, children will learn to grow their minds and their creativity. For example, when you click on the clock, you are taken to a game where you can move the hands on the clock to match the correct digital time that is being displayed.

In the bottom right hand corner, you can see pictures of castles with a Greek Flag, an English flag, a French Flag and a Chinese Flag. These flags represent the languages that are used in a specific game. When you click on one of the castles another castle appears. By scrolling over areas of the castle, you can learn categories in these languages of different words like toys, animals and numbers.

Parents can use this site to let their children simply explore. They can even create a scavenger hunt of their own list of items and have children try to find them. The simple activities are great enough on their own for vocabulary reinforcement and practice.

Because there is no main text on the site, creators decided to give parents who are preparing lesson plans a quick guide to all the games, activities and animations on the site.

With so many engaging activities and games, your students may get lost in this exciting site!

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